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Photo KML


PhotoKML can be used to Generate KML files that show pictures on the Google Earth map.
You can either import pictures that are already geo-referenced or link your picture with a GPS track.
The tool will generate a self contained kmz file that include all the icosn & thumbnails versions of the pictures.


Tool User interface:


Samples generated kml opened in googleEarth



To download Tracks from your GPS device, I recommend using GPS Babel+. It's a free user interface for the gps babel open source project.

GPSPhotoLinker is a MacOS freeware that can be used to save location and GPS position data to a photo.


PhotoKML is free of charge.

To download the latest version click on the following links:

Requirements MacOS X 10.4 or greater.

Requirements Windows XP with Java 5 or higher installed

Version Update

PhotoKML v1.0
01 October 2007
first release.

PhotoKML v1.1
03 October 2007
fixed progress bar and improved windows integration.

PhotoKML v1.2
06 October 2007
fixed a bug with the Picture GPS Synchronization field.

PhotoKML v1.3
13 October 2007
fixed a bug when reading exif gps tag in West latitude.